How to name your company?


What is a Company Name

A Company’s Name is important to defining it, giving it a unique identity among rival businesses, and impressing investors. The trademark design, which has a high value, is built around a company name. It needs consideration and time, and when managed right, it may completely transform a company

Company Name

It is, quite simply, the face of your company. It serves to define your business and to depict the nature of business you’ll be carrying out.

What makes the Company Name Fundamental

There are various reasons why your company name is of great importance. Your company name is used as the basis for all legal actions and documents.

  • Your company name will be used as the basis for all business-related legal decisions and documents. For instance;

All formation papers, such as the Articles of Association, will include the name. All contracts and agreements that reflect the interests of your firm will include the name.

  • It serves as your company’s first impression.

The name of your business will be shown on all advertising and promotional materials. The very first impression your consumers or potential clients may have of your firm may even be printed on business cards and utilized as the name on your website.

  • It encapsulates everything your business stands for!

Since the company’s name conveys the first impression that customers have of you, it typically captures the essence of who you are as a business. It’s critical to create a business name that accurately captures the essence of your operation in all of its facets. For instance, the name “OnSolve” wonderfully captures both the essence of the company’s overall ethos and the service it offers (bookkeeping made simple and easy).

Here’s how to choose the ideal name and how to make sure your decision is the best one!

Review the fundamentals

Consider what you may be providing as a starting point for naming your firm. service/product. Think about your company plan and differentiators. Keep your attention on you. What you want your business to stand for and what you perhaps want people to think or feel when they see your company name.


Time to be creative now! Together with your colleagues, ideate as many potential company names as you can. As you compose, be sure to keep in mind your objectives and make a list of all the ideas you generate.


Once you’ve compiled a lengthy list of concepts, it’s time to select the ones that resonate with you the most. Make a note of the ones you believe would be an ideal, and take some time to examine if the particular names chosen would actually be beneficial to your company.

Determine Availability

After the shortlisting procedure is finished, you must confirm the availability of the names you have chosen. To determine whether the chosen name is a trademark or being used by another business providing a comparable service, conduct several searches on Google and other search engines. In this manner, you’ll be able to mark off the names that aren’t accessible and then choose your top option.

Choose what feels right or at least like a fit that you can be happy with. Once you’ve conquered how to come up with a brand name, now it’s time to put into action

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