IT Service

IT services may include managing and maintaining a company’s IT infrastructure such as the software support, network system, Email setups, or to provide remote support that your company needs to run its operations. This may involve tasks such as installing and configuring new software, monitoring system performance, and providing technical support to users or employees on daily basis.

Some of the Services provided under the IT Services at OnSolve are;

  • VoIP Service – If you are looking for a way to reduce any communication cost related to business, obtaining a VoIP service from us would be a fine solution. OnSolve has exclusive ties with renowned VoIP providers and we can facilitate you the necessary VoIP connections for your internal and external business communications at a reasonable service price
  • Data backup services – Give the right protection to your sensitive and valuable business data. With OnSolve’s Data Backup Service we will store your data securely in cloud servers and manage them as needed. This service also includes automatic and scheduled backups and data restoration in case of a disaster or a data loss.
  • Remote Support – OnSove IT services enables quick solutions for many technical problems that arises at your day-to-day operations. You can contact our technicians anytime to access your network remotely and diagnose and resolve the issues, saving you enough time and money while improving the overall efficiency of the business.
  • Software installation and configuration – With this service the technicians at OnSolve can help you to install, configure and optimize the software to your work systems to meet your specific needs and requirements.  The service also includes software upgrading and ultimately saves your time and resources.
  • Technical support – Through OnSolve’s exclusive technical support service we guarantee you the assistance to help you resolve any technical issue via phone, email, live chat or remote desktop access. We can customize the service to meet your specific needs and requirements that you have.