Legal & Formation

We offer comprehensive legal services and solutions that are tailored to the needs of our valued clients. We take pride in preserving the highest professional standards and guidelines when delivering legal services. Our work ethic is based on the values of excellence, independence, and integrity, guaranteeing that our valued clients will receive the highest quality of exceptional service.

We specialize in areas such as Registering ACN/ABN / Trade Name, Open Business Bank Account, Setting up an Entity to add more shareholders, Business Registration Renewals, and Trade Name Renewals.

  • Registering ACN/ABN / Trading Name – Creating a company is a more complex affair, which is why the assistance of a professional is highly recommended. This means registering your operation with the relevant authorities, to ensure you meet tax, legal and regulatory obligations. We provide assistance from the basic process of application for an ABN and ACN to make a quick and easy process that should only take a few minutes to complete. We make it easier to register a trademark and safeguard your assets. We assist thousands of expanding companies in Australia in protecting their most valuable assets. The Complete Process, from Filing to Registration onwards will be monitored hence company’s name and logo are legally shielded from infringement.

  • Open Business Bank Account – We help finding everyday banking services that match your business needs. The requirements will vary depending on your business type.

  • Setting up an Entity to add more shareholders – We assist to avoid all the potential disputes and establish your company for success by making sure all the details will be transparent for the shareholders. Greater protection for shareholders than what is provided by the normal articles of association in terms of the management of the business, decision-making, and rights of minority and majority shareholders.

  • Business Registration Renewals – We guide on Business Registration Renewals on behalf of our valued clients by providing the business name renewal fees, documentations, what the renewal period options are, how you will be notified of an upcoming renewal as well as an outline of what happens after you have renewed.

  • Trade Name Renewals – Our clients could transact directly with us online for your Business Name Renewals. We will guide on Trade Name Renewals by providing the trade name renewal fees, renewal notice, business name details, and period of renewal, review the details displayed and confirm your authorization, documentations, how you will be notified of an upcoming renewal as well as an outline of what happens after you have renewed.