Talent Recruitment

Our Recruitment solutions offer help and expertise at every phase of the recruitment lifecycle and are created to match the specific demands of our clients. OnSolve has a Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution that can be delivered through a team of recruiters, that can act as an addition to the client’s own recruitment team or separately. Our holistic hiring solution can deliver the necessary staff, methodology and technology to satisfy client’s own recruitment requirements. Through our Recruitment solution you can reduce your hiring time and cost drastically while still having access to the right pool of talent under the compliance and regulatory requirements.

Under the Recruitment Process, we offer the following Solutions;

Job Advertising – We will create and manage ad campaigns on job boards, social media, and other websites to target the audiences with skill pools the client is looking for while measuring the performance of the ads.

Applicant Shortlisting –We will design a set of criteria to determine which applicants are best to meet the needs of the organization by reviewing resumes, cover letters, and other application materials and filter the best-fitting ones for further consideration.

Filling and paperwork – Once the best fitting candidates are found for the job, you need to prepare a series of forms and agreements to properly onboard them. Some of these documents are required by labor law while others are optional. OnSolve team will help you in filling and preparing the paperwork required for the job position

With OnSolve you get more than talent recruitment solutions, you get a talent partner to fit your business.