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How our  clients perceive us, is crucial to us. Given this,  Onsolve is dedicated to a customer centric business strategy providing  our  customers excellent customer service , which is naturally a top priority in our day-to –day agenda.

The professional team members at Onsolve are committed in managing customer expectations to give them what they want, when they want it, in the best possible way to meet those expectations timely thorugh our client- friendly virtual platform. Following aspects  are some of the practices our team follows to maintain a positive and friendly relationship with our valued clients.

  1. We make interaction simple to our clients

Onsolve makes it as convienient as possible for customers to contact us via the channel that makes the most sense for them. Our virtual customer service platform follows every action necessary  to provide assistance to customers via digital channels like live chat, phone, text, email, social media, and more. 

Additionally, the “Contact Us”  link placed to the top navigation bar of our website makes it simple to directly get in touch with our team. Additionally, the search engines indexed to our contact page, makes it  easily accessible to customers seeking for it outside of our website.

  • Responding to our clients promptly

The promptness in our response is another aspect of our outstanding customer service. We do understand customers prefer prompt responses to their queries, especially when they have a time sensitive request. Our team ensures to  return all calls and emails within 24 hours for good customer service or else will duly inform clients how long it will take to assist them, and keep them updated on the status.

  • Listening to our  clients

One of the simplest yet effective methods followed by Onsolve in order to offer excellent services  is to actively listen to our valued clients. Sometimes clients just want to be heard, hence our team makes  sure to  pay attention to what they have to say. By attentively listening to our clients we understand exactly what the client expects from our services.

  • We know the services we provide

Our team is  completely knowledgeable about the services  we offer to our valued clients. Ideally, we are able to explain its features and functions, explain to our clients the benefits of obtaining  our services, and resolve or troubleshoot  any issues that may arise.

  • We focus on problem identification

We at Onsolve  precisely  determines the root cause of the problems that the existing or potential clients might have as it is the only way to resolve it. We make sure the solution is agreeable to us and the client. We ensure we are  rapid with our response, keep our word, and follow through our promises.

  • Asking for feedback

We value and respect opinions and feedbacks from our clients— the good, the bad, and the negative experiences. We provide our clients with the opportunity to provide their valuable feedback in order to learn what our clients need and what they think of our services so that we can identify areas needed for improvement and most importantly, to implement changes to improve the customer-business relationship. We utilize feedback forms, customer surveys, questionnaires, or direct customer feedback when customers are obtaining services from us.

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